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If you have no printer available, and you cannot print a packing slip or a prepaid shipping label, NO PROBLEM! You may sell textbooks but, you MUST follow these two steps so I can issue you payment with the same speed and efficiency as if you were to have a printer:

1.) Pack a sheet of paper into your box of books with the following information:

• Your name and mailing address for payment
• The ISBN numbers of your books, with their new and used prices
 (for example:  ISBN 12.00.....used 10.00)
• The order number found on the top line of the price quote chart

2.) Address the box clearly with your return address, and the following shipping address:

49 East Weile
Spokane, WA 99208

I am happy to have you send your books this way, if you do not have a printer. This will work just fine, but you will have to prepay shipping and insurance. Upon receipt of your textbooks, I will reimburse your shipping fee for those books, to the extent of what I estimate the USPS, "media mail," rate to be (therefore, you may wish to ship them at an econimical rate). We also gladly accept shipments from Canada.

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