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Sell College Textbooks ~ We Pay the Shipping!

When you sell college textbooks to MoneyForBooks, we pay the shipping, and here's how: on the books that we buy from you, we reimburse the "Media Mail" rate you paid to ship them to us. The US Postal Service has different classes of mail ("priority mail," "express mail," etc.) and the class known as "Media Mail" is especially for media (books, textbooks, lab manuals, the sorts of things that we buy). So, when you are at the post office, be sure to tell the clerk you need "Media Mail" to ship the books. Of course, you can choose any class of service you want, including "Express Mail" if you want your books to arrive here super-fast; however, we will only reimburse whatever the Media Mail rate is on the books we buy from you.

Need additional Shipping Labels because all your books don't fit in one box? No problem. Simply print as many labels as you need. In fact, if you don't want to print the labels, or, if you don't have a printer, simply handwrite our address on your parcel. Our mailing address is:

49 East Weile
Spokane, Washington, USA 99208

Click here for handwritten shipping instructions.

That's all there is to it!

REMINDER: Don't forget to print out the price quotes you received! Place this in the box along with your books (prices change slightly throughout the month, and this guarantees payment as quoted if shipped within the price quote time limit when you sell college textbooks to Money For Books!)

insurance tagPlease note that insuring your parcel is not required. However, because we are happy to reimburse insurance on our actual "buy value" of the books (e.g. if we buy a book from you for $55.00, you would request $55.00 insurance, not more than that though), we recommend you go ahead and take the time to insure it so that you can file a US Postal Service insurance claim in case of loss or damage. At the post office, please fill out one of their insurance slips (the blue and white one is for over two hundred dollars). Present this, along with your parcel to the postal clerk. The receipt the clerk gives you has your tracking number. Because nowadays, the US Postal Service includes automatic tracking with all Media Mail shipments, your insurance receipt is for peace of mind in case your parcel gets lost.

Canadian shipments are welcome. Click here for instructions.

I proudly present this website for the convenience of instructors and students, but I am happy to purchase textbooks from all disciplines, as long as you agree that anything you choose to ship to me using the prepaid label are your own personal books, belonging only to you.

Any Questions? Please contact us anytime for same-day response.

* Please do not use any packing materials whatsoever, including styrofoam peanuts, plastic, newspaper, or shredded paper. To allow books to travel safely, and not slide around within the box, we recommend packing your books tightly by cutting and bending the boxtop down. If you do this, there will be no extra space around the books and they won't slide around during transit. This is actually an easier, quicker way of packing (smoosh the box-top down!), and, safer for the books!

To sell college textbooks, Enter in the ISBN numbers of your textbooks, all at once, with or without commas, then click, "SELL BOOKS."

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