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We welcome textbooks from Canada. The procedure to sell college textbooks is exactly the same, except for how we handle postage and shipping. We will issue payment, in US dollars, the same day your college textbooks arrives.

1.) Shipping label: Our printable prepaid shipping label only works within the United States. If you sell college textbooks from Canada, you must handwrite our address, as follows, and prepay postage at your post office:

Money For Books
49 East Weile
Spokane, WA 99208

2.) Postage cost: Since shipping college textbooks from Canada is more expensive than shipping books within the United States, shipping will almost be free for Canadian shipments: When we receive your books, we will estimate, to the best of our ability what a similar parcel would have cost, had it been shipped from within the United States. Then we will add that value onto the total of your enclosed price-quote packing slip. For example, if your enclosed price-quote packing slip totals $100.00, and your postage would have cost $20.00 had it been shipped from within the United States, I will send you payment for $120.00, in US dollars.

3.) Customs: If you send a parcel from Canada to the United States, you will have to fill out a, "customs form," which is very simple: just state precisely what is in the parcel. You will either write, COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS printed in the USA, returning to the USA," or, "Books printed in Canada." The declared value will be the prices quoted to you on our website.

To sell college textbooks, Enter in the ISBN numbers of your textbooks, all at once, with or without commas, then click, "SELL BOOKS."

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