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1. Enter the ISBN numbers of textbooks you wish to sell into the form below for price quotes.
2. After price quotes appear, Click here for our prepaid label, allowing you to sell college textbooks online. Our printable prepaid label makes it convenient for you to sell your textbooks (used college textbooks, new textbooks, study guides, university books) at the post office at the Media Mail rate. If you do not have a printer, or do not have graphics enabled on your computer, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for alternate shipping instructions.

Enter the ISBN numbers (the number found on the back of your textbook) of your textbooks into the window above, all at once, using spaces or commas, whatever you wish, then click, "SELL BOOKS." A new page will appear with our price quotes. Print out two copies of the price quote chart. Enclose one copy in your box with your books, and keep the other copy for your records. If for some reason, the input form is not visible on your browser, please contact us with the ISBN numbers for quotes via email.

Sell Used College Textbooks Online: It is Simple

1.) Pack the college textbooks in a box. We prefer using no packing materials. It's best if you cut the box down so the books don't slide during shipping.
2.) Handwrite our shipping address on your parcel (found here).
3.) No printer available, or no graphics on your computer? Scroll to the bottom of this page for alternate shipping instructions.
4.) Fill in the label with your name and address, and securely affix label to box.
5.) Ship the parcel at any United States Post Office, or any various franchised mail box locations.

That's all there is to it! When your parcel arrives, it will be speedily processed, and payment mailed to you.

REMINDER: Please request insurance on the parcel, too! This won't cost you anything and it guarantees safe shipment. The Postal clerk will give you an insurance receipt with a tracking number, so no matter what, you'll get paid! We recommend taking your books to an actual US Post Office, or satellite location, rather than a privately owned, "authorized shipper," because some of the "mail box shipping outlets" may not have Postal Insurance forms—however, you can still use the prepaid label above, and ship your books without insurance, at your own risk.

Canadian shipments are welcome. Click here for instructions.

We proudly present this website for the convenience of instructors and faculty, but we am happy to purchase textbooks from all disciplines, as long as you agree that anything you choose to ship to me using the prepaid label are your own personal books, belonging only to you.

Any Questions? Please contact us any time for same-day response.

Alternative Shipping Instructions
(if you have no printer available, or no graphics on your computer):

If you have no printer available, and you cannot print a packing slip or a prepaid shipping label, NO PROBLEM! You can still SELL COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS! But, you MUST follow these two steps so we can issue you payment with the same speed and efficiency as if you were to have a printer:

1.) Pack a sheet of paper into your box of books with the following information:

• Your name and mailing address for payment
• The ISBN numbers of your books, with their new and used prices
 (for example:  ISBN 12.00.....used 10.00)
• The bulletin number found in the yellow bar above your price quotes

2.) Address the box clearly with your return address, and the following shipping address:

49 East Weile
Spokane, Washington, USA 99208

We are happy to have you send your books this way, if you do not have a printer. The only difference is instead of having a convenient label to affix to your parcel, you just have to handwrite everything. Just be sure to request "Media Mail" at the post office, because we will only reimburse the Media Mail rate on the books we buy from you. We also gladly accept shipments from Canada.

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